Welcome to Rose of Sharon Christian Books & Gifts! Rose of Sharon is a door which stands wide open for everyone, and specifically those who have experienced the devastation of any and every abuse out there, regardless how horrific it may have been. It is open to Counselors, Pastors, Doctors, Police Officers, Family & Friends who are seeking to support, understand and assist the broken-hearted survivor. It is also open those who are just looking for a book, Bible or gift to pass on; and to all who want to understand the reality of the effects of a fallen world wherein many innocent children and victims suffer at the hand of evil. There is hope and healing for every degree of pain, abuse, destruction and unbelievable horrors because... the Great Physician, Jesus, specializes in things thought impossible, and He really cares!

We desire that you be enfolded in the arms of hope.We also have Counselling helps, faith-building DVDS, family games, puzzles, baby needs, photography equipment, coffee nooks, heirloom clocks and many gifts. These are available to purchase, gain hope and help from, or to pass on to someone you love.

Remember, "The darkest night may often come just before the dawn!" There is Someone Who walked this road before you and He understands abuse and rejection in full, even when people do not!

Wholesome Gifts For All

Rose of Sharon Christian Bookstore carries various Christian gifts including: family board games, Baby needs (quality cloth diapers, feeding and accessories); coffee machines & mugs, commercial coffee equipment; quality grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, faith-building DVDs, jigsaw puzzles, cell phones & accessories, antiques, china cabinet with buffet & hutch, coin collecting items, cameras & accessories, fine china dinnerware, china tea sets.